Both natives of California, Mike and Tracie Roesbery met in 2005 while studying abroad in Spain. As their relationship has grown, so has their love for partnering together to create and grow in business. Currently, they keep busy by caring for their three small children, Emelia, Samuel and Lila, their pet boxer, Lilli and work to run their business ventures.

Together, Mike and Tracie own and operate an automotive repair shop in Walnut Creek, CA. In addition to the shop, Mike is an extremely hands-on and fun father and has completely embraced his roles at both the businesses and at home. At Nenow Family Wines, and you can find him assisting Drew with the wine operations and sales.

Tracie is passionate about educating and empowering families through holistic and preventative health and also helps behind the scenes at the repair shop and the winery. She has completely embraced her role as a mother, while still pursuing her passions outside of the home.

When this family has downtime, you can find them traveling in their Airstream or on some other adventure exploring the world with their little ones.